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covid-19 information

As an essential service, we are currently providing training and assessing in First Aid.

Our courses are still available to essential workers as well as the public.

Woopi First Aid is actively monitoring available advise from the Australian Government, the State Government, the Chief Medical Officer as well as the Australian First Aid Training Council regarding the corona-virus (covid-19); and as such we implement the required precautions to ensure client health and safety in during the courses we hold.

Woopi First Aid is committed to meeting government and health industry compliance requirements:

1 - As an essential service we can maintain the delivery of First Aid course, including CPR, Provide basic emergency life support, etc

2 - Organise our courses to meet the 1.5m social distancing requirement (operating as an educational facility)

3 - We exercise strict and stringent hygiene practices at all times:   

  • hand washing with soap for at least 20 seconds before and after a course

  • hand washing with soap for at least 20 seconds after touching other participants teaching aids

  • hand washing is insisted upon if a learner touches any personal belonging, mobile telephone, bags, backpack, etc

  • all surfaces and equipment is sanitised with industry recommended antibacterial/antiviral products – before and after all courses​

4 - Training and Assessing have been modified:

  • learners cannot touch other learners or their equipment

  • learners are to position themselves in the recovery position

  • 1 manikin per learner (or couple living at the same address)

  • social distancing is to be complied with during training and assessing

  • ​learners are to demonstrate bandaging on their own body or the manikin