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About us . . .

Woopi First Aid is situated in Woolgoolga, New South Wales. Woopi First Aid specialises in First Aid Training and Assessing: Woopi First Aid Woolgoolga offers training and assessing that draws from 20 years experience as a Paramedic, Clinical Training Officer and Theatre Orderly. I also have extensive experience in teaching First Aid to small and large groups - Woolgoolga First Aid training and assessing is delivered to the highest of quality, as I draw on over 20 years of experience in the clinical field.

Woopi First Aid understands how busy life is these days – and that is why we offer the blended method: Classroom session is less than an hour hours with approximately 6 hours online pre-study – that really gets you a First Aid certificate quick.
But, here at Woopi First Aid we are more than happy to deliver First Aid to you the old fashion way - that is, on weekends; this is the preferred method by many, as online pre-study is not suited for all – and – you may prefer to attend the 2 days face to face and get in as much practice as possible, ask questions, get an in-depth understanding of each topic.

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Woopi First Aid - Woolgoolga First Aid - 2456 - New South Wales  - ABN: 70056246064